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Featuring premier brands such as Remington, Ruger, and Savage Arms, discover firearms engineered for accuracy and consistent performance.

Handguns and Pistols from Send It Outfitters

Small Firearms

Browse Send It Outfitters for an extensive collection of ranged weaponry. We offer top-notch small firearms, including pistols and revolvers, suitable for hunting and home defense. No matter the need, our small firearms ensure consistent reliability and accuracy. Don't forget to invest in our gun cleaning and maintenance products to keep your firearm in peak condition.

Large Firearms from Send It Outfitters

Large Firearms

Discover an array of larger and longer-range firearms at Send It Outfitters, featuring shotguns, rifles, and black powder guns. Browse an extensive collection of semi-automatic and bolt-action guns from renowned manufacturers like Smith & Wesson, SIG SAUER, Remington, Springfield, Savage Arms, Winchester, and more. Customize your firearm with our grips, replacement stocks, and other accessories to fit your preferences. And remember, with our firearm tools, you can maintain and ensure optimal performance every time you operate your weapon.

Specialized Action and Caliber Firearms from Send It Outfitters

Action and Caliber

We provide an array of action styles and calibers tailored to your needs. Each brings its own set of benefits and limitations, so ensure your chosen action or caliber aligns with your hunting or home defense objectives.


Send It Outfitters

At Send It Outfitters, we are more than just a online gun retailer. We are dedicated to making your firearm ownership experience enjoyable, hassle-free, and safe. Our mission is simple, yet profound: to provide you with a friendly and welcoming environment, ensuring that your journey in the world of firearms is nothing short of exceptional.

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We offer top-tier new and used firearms, ammunition, accessories, and defense gear.

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