High-Quality Magazines 

When you're seeking an enhancement, replacement, or just an extra magazine for increased firing power, Send It Outfitters has the perfect fit for your firearm. Magazines, often referred to as 'mags', are essential components that channel rounds into your gun. To ensure optimal functionality, it's crucial to clean, maintain, and eventually swap out these magazines over time.

Magazines come in diverse formats, be it high-capacity drum magazines, nifty half-moon clips, or streamlined stripper clips. Although some magazines might be versatile across various firearms, using the correct magazine specific to your firearm is imperative for flawless operation. Dive into Send It Outfitters' extensive range of magazines and find the ideal match for your firearm's needs.

Premium High-Capacity Drum Magazines

Seeking top-notch high-capacity drum magazines for your firearm? Send It Outfitters is your go-to destination. We proudly feature a vast selection from leading manufacturers, ensuring compatibility and seamless performance with your chosen firearm.

Every firearm deserves a quality magazine, and with Send It Outfitters, excellence is a guarantee. Delve into our comprehensive assortment of magazines, meticulously curated to offer the best in the market, all competitively priced and primed for swift delivery. Dive in now and equip your firearm with unparalleled efficiency.

Reliable Standard Capacity Magazines

The standard capacity magazine that arrives with your firearm, straight from the manufacturer, is often the most dependable choice. Tailored precisely for your firearm's functionality, these magazines promise seamless performance every time. If it's time for a replacement or you're simply seeking a backup, Send It Outfitters is your ultimate destination for standard magazines.

Explore our wide array of standard capacity magazines from renowned brands like Ruger to Magpul. At Send It Outfitters, we are confident you'll find the perfect match for your firearm needs. Dive into our selection today!

Magazine Accessories

In search of a bench loader or an aligner to streamline the loading and unloading process for your firearm? Send It Outfitters is your go-to destination for top-notch magazine accessories. We stock products from leading brands, ensuring you get the best in the market. Dive into our expansive collection of magazine accessories online today and enhance your firearm handling experience.